It's acknowledged that the provision of Annual Financial Reports submitted to the Government is made mandatory to be in Arabic only. In this multinational and multidimensional Saudi market, the organizations are using variety of International (mostly)
and Local (in lesser) Financial Applications (focusing only to the business applications for Financial Needs).

If not all, most of the International Financial applications are only in English Interface, where Chart of Account and Transactions (Vouchers) are maintained in English only. Even if the applications allow the input of Arabic data, still the Arabic information is not input due to variety of practical reasons (e.g. non availability of staff knowing Arabic, time constraints where it consumes considerable time to translate the information into proper business oriented Arabic, etc.). This situation makes it difficult to re-produce the data in Arabic for the Government needs.

QCS, as IT consultants and IT market competitors, is pleased to announce offering our services to the clients for translating there General Ledgers English transactions into Arabic. We had been providing this service to number of our hi-profile clients from last 5 years.

Defining the scope of the task, QCS would take the data of chart of accounts and transactions of the year. The qualified
and professional translators, having accounting background, will translate the data and the desired reports will be produced,
like Trial Balance, Balance Sheets, Profit and loss statements, etc. The reports will not be only in hard copies but can be electronically stored (in terms of data and format), reproduced, analyzed with different criteria for any year at any point of time.
We ensure the data secrecy, security and access controls to this information.

We ensure saving lots of your efforts, time and cost by doing this exercise on your behalf. Please feel free to contact us to clarify
any query should you have or for rendering our services for this task. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  We look forward for a long term business relationship, helping each other growing with the time.


  Work details as below

    • QCS will Translate the complete Chart of Accounts in Arabic
    • QCS will Translate the Complete JV’s in Arabic
    • QCS will Produce Trial Balance, JV’s and Transaction Listing in Arabic
    • QCS will coordinate with your auditor for Verifying the P&L and Balance Sheet reports to be produced from our system
    • QCS will train your accountant how to use our system
    • QCS will help you when the Zaka staff come to your office.

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