An organized, systematic approach is your key to making sure that your company does not miss out on valuable depreciation deductions, pay too much on insuring assets that are off the books, or run the risk of not having enough insurance.
The Fixed Assets system is an easy-to-use, full-featured system that will save you hours by streamlining organization, maintaining current fixed-asset records, maximizing your controls and generating up-to-date reports when you need them.
The module is designed to serve as an ideal tool for all your Asset management requirements providing complete asset handling from acquisition, transfer, adjustment, write off to disposition, comprehensively maintaining and organizing all related records and producing depreciation schedules for financial & tax purposes

The system will save you hours and put you in control of your fixed assets. You will save on your valuable time and money.
 °  Pre-posted Schedules before actual year-end process.
 °  Multi-level, user definable system security implemented.
 °  Multi-location assets maintenance.
 °  Department-wise assets management.
 °  Disposal of assets.
 °  Various modes of asset disposal.
 °  Provision to write-off assets.
 °  Transfer of asset to other locations.
 °  Provision for adjustment in asset values.
 °  Provision for proportional depreciation of any asset.
 °  Flexible cost breakups for assets, either local or imported
Comprehensive database of Assets (Detail, Group, etc.)
 Additions, Transfer, Adjustment, Write off and Disposal
 Depreciation schedules: Financial and Taxation
 Edit Lists and MIS reports

                                                                          ASSET DESCRIPTION
Depreciation calculation for tax purpose
 Addition and deletion of year
 Getting opening book value
 Initial and normal depreciation rate ( if any)
 Number of shift days (if any) at group level
 Provision for calculating shift and initial depreciation

°  Different values of an asset and its class (Group)

°  Break-up for assets’ costs (acquired locally or imported)

°  Depreciation methods at group & individual levels

°  Voucher generation before posting of transactions

°  Depreciation calculation for financial purpose

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